Where place do not work electronic devices

Who doesn’t want to travel and reach new places? Many places around the world are famous for their uniqueness. We have so many places in Nepal that millions of tourists from all over the world come to see.

We all know that there are thousands of unnatural ‘tourist points’ around the world that attract tourists all year round. Each such tourist destination has its own importance and characteristics that attract tourists. One such place is in Mexico, which is called the ‘Zone of Silence’. Strange things happen to anyone who arrives here.

Reaching the ‘Zone of Silence’ in northern Mexico, you can’t open your mobile and update Facebook, you can’t tweet. No, no, there are no restrictions on using social media here. This is the secret of this place, no electronic devices work here. There is no signal on your mobile. After reaching here, your mobile becomes meaningless. There is no call on mobile nor can you call anyone.

This place is the Chihuahua Desert of Mexico. No electronic devices from around the world work here. Suppose you enter this desert listening to the radio. Upon entering the radio becomes silent. No radio frequency works here.



An American rocket test (Athena RTV test rocket) crashed into the sky here. When American scientists arrived at the site to find out the cause of the rocket accident, they were surprised. All their electronic devices stopped working. Their compass and GPS system did nothing.

The history of this place is old. Around 1966, a multinational company decided to explore for oil. When the company’s staff began research into the 50-kilometer area, it was discovered that no electronic devices were working in the area. Radio messages are not coming.

This place was later named ‘Zone of Silence’. So far nothing is known about the mysterious character of this place. Like the Bermuda Triangle, this place is a mystery. But it has now been established as a tourist destination as there is no harm to people when they reach this place.

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