The invention of the lung information chip

The invention of the lung information chip

Nepali scientists have developed a microscopic optical chip. Developed for the first time, the chip helps to obtain information about the inner tissue, like a CT scan device, without the need for a biopsy. The chip has been mathematically tested in Nepal and chemically carved in silicon wafers in the UK. Scientists at the Futung Research Institute have successfully developed the technology. The information was given at a program organized by the Institute and Nepal Research Alliance on Wednesday.

They are trying to develop all the necessary publishing equipment at a very low cost by integrating it in a size smaller than the tip of a pen. Dr. Asim Dhakal, chief scientist of the institute, said, ‘We plan to use this technology to diagnose respiratory disease (lung related), condition and to create an image of the inner part of the lungs.’ Explained.
Minister for Education, Science and Technology Giriraj Mani Pokharel informed that a new policy is being brought to further develop and expand science and technology.

He said, ‘Even though there is a lot of potential for technology in Nepal, it has not been developed at a fast pace so far.’
Mahavir Pun, a social activist, said that the scientists have not been able to achieve the expected results as the government’s policy has moved forward in its own way.

In a press release issued on the occasion, it has been mentioned that scientists are working to end the current situation where patients have to go to the laboratory. The chip works by bending the structure about 100 times smaller than the hair follicles to create an image of the tissue. Its size will be 400 nanometers, the release said

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