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The benefits of eating Niguro what happens in Niguro

At this time, fungi and niguro are found in our forests benefits. Some people search for vegetables in the forest. Some even make a living by selling mushrooms. Neuro does not have to be planted. It is a grass of Unyu species. Neuro is found in forests all over the hills and lowlands. However, there are some differences in its species.

Also the taste is different. Neuro found in mountain forests is comparatively more delicious. Neuro is also called neuro or neuro in some places. Black neuro is preferred in the mountains. Similarly, green in the Tarai. Niguro is a seasonal vegetable. As it grows on its own in the forest, it does not use any chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

That is, it is completely organic. Most of the vegetables we eat now are contaminated. Commercially grown vegetables use chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Chemicals or pesticides are also used to grow, grow and store such vegetables.

How to eat: Neuro is used as a vegetable. As the rainy season approaches, some cook from the forest and some from the market. Neuro can also be consumed by frying or mixing it with potatoes.

How nutritious: There are many benefits to eating neuro. If you go to the forest and search for it yourself, the cost of the kitchen will be reduced. As it grows in the forest, it is also an organic and seasonal vegetable. Nutritionists say that neurosurgery is full of nutrients. They say that consumption of Niguro is beneficial for health.

What Happens to Neuro: Nutritionists say, ‘It contains nutrients including protein, calcium, vitamin A.’ Neuro is even more beneficial to children and pregnant women. This is because the vitamins are naturally obtained while consuming the vegetables of Neuro. You don’t have to chew extra vitamins.

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