Microfinance Investors in Earning

Stock Market Ahead of Microfinance Investors in Earning

Stock market ahead of microfinance investors in earning a new record has been set in the share market on Monday. Earlier, a new record of 2681 points was set on Wednesday but 2691 points were maintained on Sunday. On this day, Nepse has increased by 17 points. 

Shares worth Rs 7.61 billion have been bought and sold. Banking grew by 17 points, development banks by 39 points, non-life insurance by 163 points, manufacturing by 14 points, microfinance by 188 points and life insurance group by 197 points. Trade declined by 69 points, hotels and tourism by 75 points, hydropower by 42 points, others by 29 points and finance group by one point. 

Microfinance share investors were ahead in earning on this day. The value of NIC Asia Microfinance, Women’s Microfinance and Sindhu Development Bank has increased by 10 percent. Similarly, the prices of Chyangdi Hydro and Jyoti Life Insurance have also gone up by 10 percent. 

After today’s trading, the price of NIC Asia Microfinance has been fixed at Rs. 

The value of Gurans Microfinance and Sadhana Microfinance has increased by 8.5 percent. Despite the rise in the overall market, the price of Sanjen Hydropower fell by 4 percent. The price of Himal Dolakha has also declined by about 4 percent.

 In terms of turnover, NIC Asia Bank topped the list. The value of the bank increased by 3 percent to Rs 949 with a turnover of Rs 250 million.

Similarly, the price of Nabil has risen to Rs 1,348 with a turnover of Rs 240 million. 

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