Stink? Get rid of it this way

Stink? Get rid of it this way

If you have bad breath Stink?, eat clean, light and digestible food, clean the dirt like lime on the upper part of your tongue and add salt to red tomatoes to reduce bad breath.

Doctors say that you can get relief by chewing clean washed spinach and banda in the morning and evening. Even if you eat half a teaspoon of dry powder in the morning and after dinner, it will reduce the odor. Chewing basil leaves, mint and raw turnip after meals also solves the problem. Increased use of lemon and amla also reduces odor.

Apart from these, water is the most used. Drinking enough water makes a person’s digestive process regular. Even if the mouth is dry, it makes the mouth water. So it is better to drink a small amount of water. Similarly, ‘Tongue Cleaner’ cleans the tongue in the morning and brushes and toothpaste after breakfast and before going to bed, cleanses the gums with lemon honey to prevent blood and pus, and rinses the mouth with lemon and mint juice in a glass of warm water in the morning and evening. Even if you do, the problem can be solved. In addition, fragrant fruits such as cloves, sweetmeats, cardamom in the mouth to reduce the odor.

Vitamin C deficiency also causes bad breath. Calcium deficiency is also a problem. It is best to eat foods rich in vitamin C and calcium. It is beneficial to stay away from sugary foods, eat less tea, coffee, alcohol, fish, meat and clean your teeth and tongue after eating and drink plenty of water.

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