'Riders' are the 'riders' who are sent across the roads of Kathmandu

‘Riders’ are the ‘riders’ who are sent across the roads of Kathmandu on Pathao

As the craze of sending ride sharing app has increased in Nepal, the bustle of send riders has started to be seen all over the streets of Kathmandu. Currently, the company has given riders PPE and red jackets to protect them from the corona virus.

The driver in the same clothes can be seen in the chowk chowk of Kathmandu. Lately, ride sharing company Pathao is becoming popular.

Sending has become a reliable means of transportation as riders can earn more than expected and passengers can reach their destination on time.

However, for the past few months, the riders have been saying that there are many drivers on the roads of Kathmandu and it is difficult to find passengers. Pathao‘s Rider One Pathao Drive has so far added 1 million drivers and 5 million passengers.

Another competitor, Tuttle, has only one lakh subscribers, according to the Google Play Store.

Lately, ride sharing has become a reliable medium for part-time job. Employees working in government and private offices have also taken time off to join Pathao. After becoming a source of income, especially young people with two-wheelers and anyone can join this service.

Just last week, a picture of a disabled old man sharing a ride on his scooter went viral. The company has been saying that ride sharing apps like Tuttle and Pathao have become like Sahara for so long.

However, due to the large number of riders, the riders themselves admit that the distortion has increased recently. Gentlemen and workers are being affected due to bad behavior of bad riders. In fact, after 8 pm, nothing can be seen except the rider of Pathao across the road.

Bishnu Kafle, who has been associated with Pathao for the past six months, has made Pathao his livelihood. He works from 7 in the morning to 10 in the evening. I am trying to continue this profession in the days to come.

Ride Sharing Company has been deducting 20 percent of the service fee through Rider. According to Kafle, the average monthly income is 30 to 40 thousand.

Lately, there has been fierce competition among ride-sharing companies. About half a dozen companies have to provide such services. However, for reliable service, Tuttle and Pathao have a monopoly.

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