Ram Kumari Jhankri

Ram Kumari Jhankri fell while using her ‘spit’ a lot! Oli’s preparation for imprisonment

Ram Kumari Jhankri, leader of the Communist Party of Nepal Dahal-Nepal group, has been dragged into the controversy by her latest statement about the President.

Activists of the CPN-KP Oli group have started protesting after Jhankri attacked President Vidyadevi Bhandari. When Jhankri reached Gorkha, she made low-level remarks against President Bhandari.

Jhankri’s expression

What about the President? The Queen has said that elections will be held. I give a message to the Empress from Gorkha. Leaving the carpet of Sheetal Niwas, he returns to Koteshwar. I wonder if Baneshwar has a house! Even then, it is possible to go to Balkot. From which district of Nepal will I contest the election, but for the Empress I too can be heavy. Rekha Lopchan will contest against the Empress here. The Empress has taken up residence in Sheetal Niwas with an eagle eye on the rights of the people. We said that unconstitutional steps should not be taken lightly. The decision made by the CPN-UML in 2050 BS was a serious mistake. Vidya Bhandari is a counterproductive to the culture that the CPN-UML started after the assassination of Madan Bhandari by wearing a white sari. After the idea is over, things get worse when you do politics by showing your hair, nose, clothes. We asked the leaders not to make Vidya president for the second time but no one listened to us. That is why we have to suffer today’s misfortune.

Violent protests on social media

Leaders and cadres of the Oli group have strongly protested and criticized Jhankri’s statement. They have demanded that Jhankri be jailed.

Samundra Timilsina, a young activist, said, ‘What an arrogance. What an indigestible word choice. What a reprehensible and reprehensible word!’ Let the Nepal government arrest him first and take strict action! How can the sarcasm of a woman leader personally towards the honorable President on the basis of political urges be so unjust?

Anjana Adhikari, a former aide to the president and leader of the youth association, has also strongly protested against Jhankri.

She said, ‘Comrade Ram Kumari, speak with dignity. Don’t let your femininity hate you. Do politics but within limits. Otherwise I can teach you politics.

There are millions of women in this country who can make your pride and arrogance a water bubble and have a status that is millions of times more clean than you. She has been the guardian of the Nepali women’s liberation movement since that time. All Nepali people know this very well, so I would like to warn you in your own style.

You are not ashamed to walk around talking about bowing the heads of all Nepali women. It is a matter of contesting and losing elections. You send news which district is which area. We are ready to dust you off. We teach you politics in a dignified political style, not as lazy as you.

Youth Association leader Madhav Bastola has also strongly protested.

Yesterday, Ram Kumari Jhankri ji’s words about His Excellency President Juko surprised me. Comrade, you are conscious. It would be better for you if you do not utter indecent words that would offend such laws.

Oli’s preparation for imprisonment

Oli, who does not want to be attacked, will not tolerate any more attacks on the President. He takes appropriate revenge at the right time. Oli has instructed to keep Jhankri on notice saying that he has used his ‘spit’ on the President. Even the president has a history of defeating his opponents. In Province 3, the precedent of appointing her opponent Ashtalakshmi Shakya as the Chief Minister is fresh. Thus, the government has taken notice of Jhankri in due course. Now it remains to be seen how many days Jhankri will eat the cold air of the jail. However, Jhankri has been constantly attacking Prime Minister Oli. That too must be accounted for.

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