Khamba Singh

Prachanda’s political mentor Khamba Singh dies

Nepal – Communist Party of Nepal (CPN) Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda‘s political mentor Khamba Singh Kunwar (Qazi) has died at the age of 95.

Chairman of the Communist Party of Nepal (CPN) Chitwan Yam Bahadur Pariyar informed that Kunwar passed away this morning while undergoing treatment at the Bharatpur Federal Hospital in Bharatpur.

Kunwar had been suffering from chronic diseases including high blood pressure and diabetes for a long time. He was recently admitted to the hospital with pneumonia and kidney failure.

According to family sources, he will be cremated at Devghat today after paying his last respects by hoisting the party flag.

Kunwar’s life journey

Kunwar was born to father Lalit Jung and mother Putali Kunwar in the then Thansingh Bangre VDC ward no. 7 of Lamjung on April 26, 1984. Kunwar had joined the Communist Party of Nepal from Guna Bahadur Gurung in 2011 in Lamjung. Kunwar, who fell in Chitwan in 2015 BS, had handed over his entire life and property to the party.

He was given a chariot ride in 2068 BS by the civil society and the then Maoist party in Chitwan. Similarly, in 2069 BS, the Government of Nepal had honored him with the Vibhushan, the supreme public servant. When he went to India for livelihood, he came in the company of Communist Party of India leader Amrit Dangi in 2007 BS and returned to Nepal to join the class movement.

He had told the RSS while he was still alive that he was leading the non-centered district committee in 2014 BS.

He was a member of the Politburo at the 4th General Convention in 2031 BS when Mohan Bikram Singh was the General Secretary. He had fulfilled his responsibilities in Gandaki, Narayani, Lumbini and other areas. In 2034 BS, a training program of CPN (Maoist) for progressive teachers was held at Arughat in Gorkha. His trainer was Kunwar. One of the trainees was ‘Prachanda’. Influenced by the same training, Dahal left the teaching profession in 2035 BS and became a long-term activist.

Khamba Singh, who was a member of the Central Advisory Committee after the formation of the CPN-Maoist in 2048 BS, was underground during the People’s War. He is currently the party’s central advisor, said district chairperson Pariyar. He has a son and four daughters. He was living with his family members in Bharatpur Metropolitan City-10.

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