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Plant these two plants at home to end poverty and destitution

Plant these two plants at home to end poverty and destitution, let’s share for information. Poverty and destitution end, just plant at home. These two tree architectures have some rules before planting at home.

If the plants are not planted properly at home, other family members, including the householder, may face physical, financial and mental problems. According to the famous text of Vastushastra ‘Vasturajavallabh’, Tulsi, Banana, Champa Ketki, Jasmine etc. are considered as auspicious plants.

Planting banana trees in the northeast corner solves the economic problem. It is said that planting a basil plant along with a banana plant will bring auspicious fruits and also the grace of Lord Vishnu and Mother Lakshmi. Similarly, Ashoka and coconut trees are also considered very auspicious. Ashoka is known as the tree that gives happiness and relieves anxiety. This tree is believed to increase love and camaraderie among family members.

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