Renuka and Abhishek's seven-year love

National women’s football captain Renuka and Abhishek’s seven-year love affair turned public

National women’s football captain Renuka and Abhishek‘s seven-year love turned into marriage for the first time in public

Renuka Nagarkote, captain of the national women’s football team, turned her seven-year love affair into a marriage on December 31. Their love was made public. She is married to Corona Kaharka in a normal way.

Renuka of Rautahat Chapur and Abhishek Lama of Janakpur Shivbani have turned their seven-year love affair into a marriage. Captain Renuka Nagarkote and Abhishek Lama have been brought closer by football. Abhishek, who dreamed of joining the departmental team APF, recalls talking to Renuka about a similar plan. The conversation started after Abhishek sent a friend request to Renuka to become a friend on social network Facebook.

In the beginning, Renuka recalled that during the normal conversation, they gradually became closer and closer. We appreciate the content presented by Nepal Khabar Online along with the video.

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