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Initiative to return 25 people, including three women who went for foreign employment, in a coma for two years

Nepal – According to the Foreign Employment Board, 25 people, including three women who went abroad for their livelihood, are abroad in a coma. Although the government has taken initiative to bring back such people for two years by formulating procedures, it has not been successful.

The Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security had decided to repatriate Nepalis undergoing treatment for coma in different countries and treat them in well-equipped hospitals. However, the board has stated that there is a problem in implementing the decision. According to the board, nine workers are in coma in Qatar, five in Saudi Arabia, four and four in Kuwait and Bahrain, and one each in Oman, UAE and Japan.

Deenbandhu Subedi, deputy secretary of the board, said that Pari used to fall into a coma in an accident at the workplace. Deputy Secretary Subedi said that there was a problem due to technical reasons even though it was homework to return such Nepalis.

On an average, 1,500 Nepalis go for foreign employment every day. Although some have been affected by the corona virus epidemic, the flow has not stopped. However, dreaming of earning a living by earning money, three of the expatriate Nepalis return to the box every day as corpses. Some come with the disability of foreign employment due to mutilation.

If any Nepali is maimed or dies in the course of foreign employment, the Board will provide assistance of Rs. 700,000 from the fund. However, it does not apply to those who are in illegal status, have gone abroad illegally, and have expired labor permits.

Vice President of Non-Resident Nepali Association Dr. Badri KC said that the workers in foreign employment are forced to work due to mutilation. ‘Some workers are in a coma,’ said Dr. Krishna Kumar, who is also the coordinator of the union’s foreign employment and welfare committee. KC said, ‘We have to take initiative to bring them back.’ There is news in today’s Annapurna Post daily.

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