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Teeth are essential for every living thing. But human teeth can be used not only for chewing but also as a means of enhancing beauty. Some of you clean your teeth daily but never look white or yellow. It is still customary to clean the teeth with salt and oil in our village. Mixing 294 drops of pure mustard oil in the salt to clean the teeth will remove the yellowness of the teeth in a few days.

Grind bananas to make a paste. Massage your teeth with this paste for one minute every day. Brush your teeth after the massage and this remedy will remove the yellowness of the teeth. Even those who do have yellow teeth.

Basil has an amazing power to remove tooth whitening. It not only removes tooth whitening from teeth but also protects against other diseases of the mouth and teeth. Begins to come.

Remedies teeth

Extract the lemon juice and mix it with the same amount of water as you have in it and rinse it daily with the same lemon water after eating.

Dry the orange peel and basil leaves in the sun to make a powder. After brushing your teeth, massage the powder lightly on the teeth. Vitamin C and calcium obtained from the orange peel make the teeth shiny. Helps to clean well.

Neem has been used to clean teeth for a long time. It has the power to whiten teeth and destroy the insects on the teeth. The sweetest and easiest way to make your teeth shiny is because the acid found in it makes your teeth white and shiny.

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