Gastric or peptic Use these 15 yogasanas for solution

Gastric or Peptic Ulcer Use Shese 15 Yogasanas for Solution

Patients with gastric and abdominal pain should practice yoga slowly. Yoga should be practiced regularly. It is best to do yoga in a fresh air or green field. Any yoga practice should be repeated 6 to 10 times.

In this asana, the right leg should be bent while lying on the floor and the left leg should be kept straight. Holding the right leg bent with both hands, inhale and pull the leg towards you. Trying to touch Chiudo on the knee, hold your breath for about ten seconds and slowly exhale and keep your head down. Then straighten both legs, and do the same with the left leg as well as the right leg. Then bend both legs, hold them with both hands, inhale and exhale.

Benefits: Beneficial in gynecological and uterine diseases, heartburn, heart disease, joint and back pain, as well as reduces flatulence and reduces belly fat.

Lie on your back with both hands on your thighs and straighten your legs. Now while inhaling, lift the arms, legs and hips together from the ground and hold the hands on the knees and hold the breath for ten seconds, then exhale after ten seconds.

Benefits: Makes heart, lungs and intestines healthy. Also benefits liver and stomach diseases.

Sleep on your knees and keep your left hand on the ground below your head and keep your head in your hands by turning your neck to the right. When doing this, the left hand is under the head and the palm of the left hand is under the right hand. Now bend the right leg slightly from the knee and sleep like a child.

Benefits: Muscle weakness, physical fatigue and negative thoughts disappear. Gives strength to body and mind. There is joy and excitement. Beneficial in depression, high blood pressure, insomnia. Beneficial for gastric and stomach diseases as well as spinal diseases.

Sleeping with both feet together. Raise your head to the sky with both hands on the floor and raise your chest while breathing. Hold your breath for a moment, looking up. Now exhale and return to the previous state.

Benefits: Beneficial for gastric and stomach diseases as well as spinal diseases.

Bend both legs from the knees and place the crotch above the hips. Keep the knees and ankles together. Hold the ball of the foot with both hands on the side of the knot, inhale, lift the knees and thighs gradually and pull them upwards, keeping the hands straight. By doing this, the navel and abdomen should be on the floor and the upper part of the abdomen should be raised above the chest, neck and head. When doing this, the part around the navel and abdomen should be on the ground and the rest should be raised, which makes the body shape like a bow.

Now release the breath and gradually return to the starting position and repeat this asana when the breathing is normal. This posture is beneficial for women with menstrual cramps, low back pain and stomach related ailments. Strengthens the kidneys, removes urinary disorders. Makes the spine healthy and flexible.

Sitting in the position of Bajrasana, lifting the crotch and placing both hands on it. Now kneel on the ground and breathe, lifting the hips by turning the head and neck backwards. Lean back as much as possible, hold your breath for a while, then stay still, and then exhale and sit in the crotch.

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