Elephantiasis bacterium found again

Elephantiasis poses challenge bacterium found again

Elephantiasis has become a challenge. Before the 12th phase of elephantiasis eradication campaign, the elephantiasis virus has been found again in Narayansthan of Balewa in Baglung and Kushmisera of Jamini. It has been confirmed that the elephantiasis, which was eradicated in six years after the discovery of the bacterium, will not be eradicated in Baglung even in 12 years.

According to the Health Office, the elephantiasis virus was found in eight cases in Narayansthan and two cases in Kushmishera of Jamini. In Narayansthan, elephantiasis virus has been found in three people who had been infected with elephantiasis before.

Chief of the Health Office, Baglung, Suraj Gurau said that the prevention of elephantiasis in Baglung is very challenging as the bacteria was found in the fourth sample test. The elephantiasis virus was tested on 300 people in Narayansthan and 300 in Kushmisera. According to Guru, the campaign should be launched for the 12th time this year and the 13th time next year after the elephantiasis virus was found in both the places.

In order to prevent elephantiasis, the elephantiasis usually has to take medicine against the disease six times in a row, but the campaign has to be run for the 13th time in Baglung. According to Saroj Adhikari, Supervisor at the Insect Disease Research and Training Center, Hetauda, ​​the disease has not been eradicated in seven districts of Nepal, including Baglung district, despite final preparations for the eradication of elephantiasis in Nepal. ‘After five consecutive years of drug testing, the sample is tested. If no bacteria is found in the sample test, the campaign is successful by feeding for the sixth time,’ the official said. Even after testing the sample for the fourth time in Baglung, it came back positive.

In the district’s Baglung Municipality-14 Narayansthan, elephantiasis has not been eradicated and the entire district has to be given medicine. The elephantiasis bacterium has been found in Kusmishera of Jamini Municipality-1 again. If the infection is less than two percent, it will not be considered as a public health problem and there is a practice of recognizing its prevention. As that has not happened, elephantiasis has to run a campaign in Baglung for two more years.

Due to the negligence of the citizens in taking medicine against elephantiasis, not taking medicine continuously and outbreak of mosquitoes, the campaign has to be continued continuously. The health office has started mobilizing women health volunteers from house to house in Narayansthan to get information about the symptoms of elephantiasis and to raise awareness.

Although the campaign has been successful in many countries of the world, elephantiasis has been eradicated, but in Nepal, this problem has created some problems. Elephantiasis cannot be completely avoided by taking medicine alone. Someone else has an elephantiasis and the health worker says that he may have been bitten by an mosquito.

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