A movie that introduces Magar culture

The aim of promoting Magar culture has produced the film Mirhi (Fate). The song and trailer of the film have been made public at a program organized in Chitwan on Wednesday. The producer says that the film will help the new generation to increase their interest in their own culture.

Ramesh Ranamagar, who is also the writer, director, producer and protagonist of the film, said that he made the Magar community of Chitwan into an actor. Even in the cinema of the Magar community, the language is Nepali. Therefore, viewers from other communities also get entertainment from the film, says Rana.

In the first phase of this movie, 44 Guthis of Chitwan will be performed in the place where the Magar community has a majority. Producer Ramesh Ranamagar said that Rs 1.4 million has been spent on the production of the movie and the filming has been completed in 15 days.

The movie is one hour and 38 minutes long. According to him, the cinema has filmed Chitwan, Tanahu, Kaski and other places. Ghana Gurung said that there are plans to dub the movie in Magar language later.

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